About Beardo

As a 3rd-generation miller, it seemed only natural that Eric Horney would continue the family tradition. From watching his grandfather work the millstones to feed local farmers and their families, to watching his father expand the business to hardware and general farming goods, it was his destiny to do something amazing at the historic mill. Experimenting with local products and birds, Eric honed his skills and developed a Special-7 Seeds and Grains Formula that seemed to whet the appetite of every bird in the local vicinity. When he felt that the recipe was completely dialed in, Eric tried his formula outside of the local area and found the results were the very same! Birds came from all around to peck and pick his recipe to their fill. Eric can be found on any given day, talking with visitors, helping local farmers find products and giving tours of the old mill; but, late at night, you can hear the grain bins roar and the bags sing as they fill with his birdseed gold. Through the cloud of dust, Eric can be seen filling orders and, in a flash, he has transformed into the aviary superhero...Beardo! When he isn't studying the dietary habits of his feathered friends, Eric enjoys traveling, good southern cooking and laughing with friends and neighbors.

The Historic Julian Mill - A Local Landmark

The mill was commissioned in the spring of 1895 by Nathan Hanner and C.H. Hardin, two prominent business men of the Julian community. Later that same year, the contract was closed with Salem Machine Works to build a 50 barrel roller flour mill. On November 25, 1895, the mill began operations. The huge boiler and engine room was exciting to watch for the Julian boys and girls, but they could only watch if accompanied by their father! In 1927, the mill changed from steam to electricity and no longer would the loud blast and shrill steam whistle call the inhabitants of Julian to 12 o'clock dinner, or enable them to correctly set their clocks. While the days of loading a horse-drawn wagon at the grain chutes or discussing the latest tall tale from a local story teller are long past, the historic mill is still a gathering place for generations of farmers and local patrons. The coldest soda pops around can still be found at the mill. So, stop in and ask for Beardo and he will be glad to show you around while you enjoy a cold drink from the vintage vending machine.